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        What are the advantages of rubber wheels for welding roller TINE:2019-03-18 22:24 Edit:admin
        Welding equipment technology is widely recognized, and the application of welding roller frame is gradually widespread. So what advantages does the rubber wheel of welding roller frame have in application operation? Let's take a look.
        The rubber wheel of the welded roller frame is made of rubber raw material after mixing rubber in the mixer. The formula is designed according to the characteristics of the required rubber wheel of the welded roller frame, and the required product hardness is determined. The product is moulded by a rubber plate vulcanizer. After forming, the product is treated by flying edge, and the surface of the product is smooth and burr-free.
        When the rubber wheel of the welding roller frame is formed, it can not be eliminated because of the cohesion of the elastomer after high pressure pressing. When the rubber wheel is formed, it often produces very unstable shrinkage, which can only be stabilized after a period of time.
        The rubber in the rubber wheel of the welding roller frame belongs to the elastomer of thermosetting, while the plastic belongs to thermosetting. The temperature range of rubber forming and curing differs considerably due to the main sulfide species. It can even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity.
        The application field of welding roller frame is expanding, and its welding quality is improving. The rubber wheel of welding roller frame has these advantages in use.

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